January – April 2018

Assertiveness Skills – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pre Service Orientation – VISTA – Billings, Montana

Briefing Techniques and Positive Approaches to Difficult People – Cairo, Egypt

Project Management, Project Time Management, Negotiation Techniques – Warren Robins, Georgia

Austin Community College – Managing Volunteer Resources 2.0 – Austin. Texas

Strategic Planning for Nonprofits – San Antonio Area Foundation – San Antonio, Texas

Leadership Skills Non Supervisors – San Antonio, Texas

Facilitation Skills – San Antonio, Texas

Leading Teams and Groups – Denver, Colorado

Leadership Essentials – Phoenix, Arizona

Austin Community College – Project Management – Austin, Texas

Austin Community College – Managing Volunteer Overview – Austin. Texas

Austin Community College – Decision Making and Problem Solving – Austin. Texas

Strategic Plan for Texas Association of Social Workers


About Kathleen McCleskey

Kathleen McCleskey has developed and presented workshops to over 13,000 participants. These workshops included participants from diverse backgrounds, education, nationality and heritage. The workshops she delivered were conducted in the United States, Egypt, Micronesia, Spain, Germany, Holland, Korea, Canada, Thailand, Japan, and Belgium.

Kathleen has a Masters of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland.

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