Non-Profit Consulting

A consultant brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to an organization. External consultants help to guide change in a specific area of an organization. Consultants present fresh ideas and methods for improving specific processes within the organization.

Examining the various aspects of a board of directors or a volunteer program or of the nonprofit in general is a proven method of increased capacity. When assessments are performed and “GAPS” are identified, it is the starting point of enabling the nonprofit to fill in the “GAPS” and move forward with a plan.

Why bring a consultant to your location?

A consultant can examine the systems and processes of your organization with an unbiased point of view. From a strategic plan to volunteer management audit to a board audit, self examination opens the opportunities to build capacity and serve more clients.

What KM Consulting and Training Connection will contribute

As a result of using KM Consulting and Training Connections as a consultant, the organization will have:

  • A completed strategic plan.
  • Tips and guideance about enhancing your volunteer program
  • An assessment of your board with specific guidelines and ideas to incorporate into board meetings.
  • Team building opportunities to help participants work toward common goals

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