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Client List
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Client List


  • USAID Thailand, Malawi and Egypt
    Project Management, Office Management, Team Building, Emotionally Intelligent Leaders, and Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors, Briefing Techniques, Speaking with Confidence
  • MIND (Management Institute for National Development) Jamaica
    Project Management and Decision Making
  • South Asian Conference on Volunteerism
    Managing Volunteer Resources
  • Guam – U.S. Navy
    Project Management
  • Japan – Woman’s Conference with the Ambassador and various corporations
  • Korea – International Volunteer Management Conference
  • Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain – U.S. Army


  • University of North Texas – adjunct facility
  • University of Texas
    Worked with Alumni Association
  • Texas A&M University, The Master Naturalist Board
    Board Development
  • University of Texas San Antonio
    Sessions in Nonprofit Management
  • Stephen F. Austin University
    Evaluated Service Learning Program
  • Texas Lutheran University
    Managing Volunteer Resources
  • Baylor University
    Managing Volunteer Resources
  • College of William and Mary
  • Old Dominion University
  • Clemson University
  • Saint Leo College
  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Auburn University


  • San Antonio Area Foundation – Workshops and special initiatives with USAA
  • Christi Center – Strategic Planning
  • Communities in Schools Denton, New Braunsfels, and Austin, Texas – Strategic Planning
  • Keep Denton Beautiful – Strategic Planning
  • Historic Waco Foundation – Strategic Planning
  • Liveable City – Strategic Planning
  • Sims Foundation – Strategic Planning
  • The Friends of Public Broadcasting –
  • The Christi Center – Volunteer Management Audit
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife – Strategic Planning
  • National Friends of Public Broadcasting – Strategic Planning
  • San Antonio Area Foundation – Project Management and Managing Volunteer Resources
  • Hill Country Ministries – Develop curriculum for financial management
  • Child Advocacy Center – Working with Volunteers
  • CASA – Working with CASA Advocates
  • Boys and Girls Club – Supervising Non profit Employees
  • Texas Baptist Children’s Home – Managing Conflict Before it Manages You
  • Rotary Conference – Volunteer Management


  • Graduate School USA – Corps of Engineers, NASA, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, and others
  • Austin Police Department
  • Austin Parks and Recreation Department
  • Austin State Hospital
  • City of Plano
  • Corporation for National and Community Service in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Montana
  • Travis County
  • Texas Library Association
  • Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
  • Texas Department of Rehabilitation Services


  • SAE, International – Leadership Driven Organizations, Examining Skills, Volunteer Recruitment
  • Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc.
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • National Instruments
  • Dell Computer
  • Apple Computer
  • Corning Glass


  • AFP State Conference
  • Austin Partners in Education
  • Brazos Valley Volunteer Leadership Network
  • Central Texas Medical Center Auxiliary
  • Dallas Association of Directors of Volunteers
  • Family Elder Care
  • FFA Alumni Association
  • Future Farmers of America National Conference
  • Hext Family Foundation
  • Indiana Hospital Association
  • Lance Armstrong Foundation
  • MADD
  • Michigan Directors of Volunteer Service
  • Nebraska State Conference on Volunteer Management
  • Texarkana-Bowie County Family Health Center
  • Red Cross
  • San Marcos Hospital
  • Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering
  • Texas Baptist Childrens Home
  • Texas and Virginia State Conference on Volunteerism
  • Texas One Star Foundation
  • Texas Victim Services
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma Managers of Volunteer Resources
  • United Way of America
  • Volunteer Centers of Austin and Lubbock, Texas and Hampton, Virginia
  • Volunteer Montana
  • Waco Police Department
  • 4-H Conference
  • Cypress Semiconductor
  • Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering
  • National Instruments
  • SAE, International
  • American Health Information Management Association
  • Lance Armstrong Foundation
  • MADD
  • Future Farmers of America National Conference
  • United Way of America
  • 4-H Conference, Texas
  • Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Dallas, Texas.