Project Management

From fund raising to initiating a new program, the fundamentals of project management hold true. KM Consulting and Training can assist your organization in developing a project management plan that will help to ensure success from start to finish.

Organizational Planning/Strategic and Board Advancement

Using the Organizational/Strategic Planning Process, the ability of a board to envision and reach its full potential becomes a reality. This step-by-step process will enable any board to determine where it is going, how to get there, and examine what to do when change occurs.


Professional Development Evaluation can give you the opportunity to determine what needs to be done to ensure your programs are on track. KM Consulting and Training Connection can assist your organization with the evaluation process and present feedback to assist you in implementing necessary changes.

Professional Development

KM Consulting and Training Connection has worked with Associations, Federal and State Government Agencies, Nonprofit Foundations, Corporations, and other organizations to enable their employees to continue their professional development through education.