KM Consulting and Training Connection’s philosophy is to unite with you, the expert about your organization, and to give you tools and information so you can reach your goals.

We offer a variety of services to help you realize the goals for your organization.

  • Organizational Planning
  • Board Advancement
  • Evaluation
  • Professional Development

Our goal is to serve you so that you can achieve your vision and goals.

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    KM Consulting and Training:


    Creates a comfortable learning environment for all professional development events.

    Has a “hands on approach” to information that successfully works in the “real world”.


    Uses the knowledge and strength of the organization to develop workable strategic plans.

    Works with the Core Team to develop and initiate processes for using, reviewing, and updating the plan.


    Works hand-in-hand to develop a project plan with work breakdown structures.

    Presents methods to assist in monitoring, evaluating, and closing phases of the project.